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As a child I was always interested in music, having the facility to remember the lyrics of my favorite songs, led me to a big interest in guitar.

​All those solos that - Blackmore, Iommi, Page, Hendrix -  I heard as a kid, awakened something great in my consciousness. It was like I discovered myself and knew what I wanted to do. 
​By the age of 12, I started to play acoustic guitar for a year and later an electric guitar. For 3 years I learned with friends and by myself, but with 15 years old I decided that I wanted to study music and understand it. That was my first “shift”. Then, I learned about music theory, harmony, improvisation, participated in several workshops and had more serious contact with music.  

Time passes by, and I became a guitar player in a few bands playing hard rock or progressive rock, but It was only after the trip in Europe for a couple of months backpacking that my voice has awakened. 
​Until then, I wouldn't assume the posture of a singer/vocalist, my goal was to be a guitar hero, but as we know there’s always a lot of guitar players everywhere and it’s not that easy to start a project being just a guitar player, we gotta do more, always.


When I got back to Brazil, it was almost instantly I started to play in venues, bars, pubs, restaurants, events and make the music my main source of income with 19 years old.

It was 2 years later that the opportunity of being a guitar player and singer of a band happened. In 2011 was born Scarlett, and for 5 years we tour around several cities in Brazil, playing classic rock songs of bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, Deep Purple, etc. On May 13th of 2016, we released the first album with 4 songs in English and 4 songs in Portuguese. The songs were first recorded in a live session at the “Café Maestro” Studios in the city of Itajaí - SC, for a TV show called “Na Vera”, where we made a pocket show playing all our original songs. There, I saw the opportunity and brought home all the tracks, then we started to produce and record the new album. Only the drums remained original, the rest of the instruments were recorded again and produced calmly in my bedroom until they reach the final result. 
During this period I went to college where I got my Guitar Bachelor degree in 2015. There, I had a great experience making new friends, meeting new musicians and also become friends with Giba Moojen which later on started the YouTube channel “Nossa Toca”. In this channel, I was the first one to perform. I choose the song called “Crazy” by Seal and thanks to this debut video we got national and international exposure, several job offers and also exposure in national music TV channel in Brazil. 

Now I'm living in Los Angeles playing in venues with my solo project (Nicolas Fresard Trio) in LA and OC. 


Scarlett, it’s also planning to come to America to show the Brazilian Rock n’ Roll vein that was inherited to them. 

- Guitar Bachelor in UNIVALI 
- Composition, Mixing and Music Production in Berklee Online;
- Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Los Angeles;
- Workshops with renowned national and international artists        like Scott Henderson, Allen Hinds, Edu Ardanuy, Fábio Adour, etc;
- Participated in several Youtube channels like "Nossa Toca", "Rec n' Play", "Na Vera", etc,
- Singer, guitar player, songwriter and producer of his band  Scarlett (SC)
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